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Just like any other job application, offering electrical services should be proposed to prospect clients. Here at Majority Ohio, sending you a comprehensive proposal for the electrical service you need is very essential and we offer it for free. As the client, you are entitled to know what the electricians can offer, how much they charge per hour, and the scope of work they can do to meet your needs before you spend your hard earned money. You may want to look into different service providers prior to deciding who to hire for your electrical needs, and our electricians are more than happy to provide you the best value for your money with our quality work.

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Here are some reasons why a contractor proposal is important:

It lets you know the extent of knowledge of the electrical contractor.

Before looking for electricians, clients typically already have an idea on what they want done to their homes or office buildings. Asking for a proposal for the job allows you to evaluate the credentials of the electrician, at the same time provides you with an overview of the quality of service he or she offers.

It allows you to compare prices

With a per hour charge, it is just wise to compare electrician rates to make sure you get your money’s worth. However, a lower hourly fee is not a guarantee that you will save money, as your final bill will still depend on the overall quality of work. Some electricians may charge $30 per hour, but would take more time to finish the job, while a well-trained provider may charge as high as $100 per hour and would finish the job faster. The output quality will also determine whether you will need repairs and frequent maintenance in the future.

It presents the overall identity of the company

An electrical contractor proposal should express the company’s profile and why it is the best for the job you require. They should present their previous experiences especially concerning similar tasks. Qualifications, trainings, license details, and insurance should also be presented in a proposal for the client’s reference.

With the many electrical service providers available in Columbus, OH, it is a must to be critical when choosing the right electrician for you. A written job proposal will definitely assist you in your decision in hiring the electrician perfect for the job you want done.